Sunday, May 28, 2006

Amazing Tarot Card Readings (Sample of a $3 Reading)

Professional Psychic Tarot Card Readings By some of the finest readers in the World who are waiting for you now

Out Readers are Waiting for your Tarot Card Selection to give you the best availablr reading at price to suit all

Tarotservices is an International Company, based in the wonderfull Isle of Man in the center of the Irish Sea with some of the finest readers scattered around the Globe, and they are waiting NOW

Once again are offering you our services. Some of our readers are so sort after that the only way to have there services is to come on line and oerder a reading. Sorry there is no way you can choose your reader, as each reader is used in order and on availability. Here is a sample of our $3 reading. Not a computer reading, the cards were dealt by a professional reader and read by another reader, giving you a true short reading. PRINCESS OF SWORDS/ PRINCESS OF CUPS/ FOUR OF DISCS. Plenty of glamour in these cards two Princesses’ side by side, which is unusual, as they like to be in control. The Princess of Swords shows me that you trusted the wrong person in the past, it is so easy to see the good side of people but the bad is harder. From this day forward use the Princess’s sword to protect yourself, this sword has double sharp edges, which means as you step forward you cut the past of. The Four of Discs indicates that over the next four/five months you have a new outlook on life, in the past you have always been there for everyone else now it is time for you. The Discs indicates what goes around will come around, you have had a few set backs over the past couple of years well they offer you a new format to help you succeed in life. The Four links you with the month of April, three different vibrations here all of them has laughter with them so looks like you will enjoy this month. The Princess of Cups is full of champagne; here we see that you have a good three years on the horizon. Try and put yourself as number one more that way you will have more control, someone wants your help for an event that’s coming up make sure that you do not do all the work. Family has a few problems where health comes in, they indicate that a Hospital visit will be required. This problem has been around for a while and this time it will be sorted, the person in question is frighten encase it may be terminal. Set their mind at rest, as it is good news not bad, so they can relax and get the procedure done. Be careful with your back as they show a weakness in the lower region, you tend to be like a bull in a china shop you like everything to be done yesterday. Someone wants to come to visit you from a cross the water, fun and laughter links with this vibration so looks like you will have a good time. Travel for yourself should be planned soon, U.S.A/London/Spain and Ireland link with this word so watch and see what unfolds with these places. The Ireland link is a sign of peace as they show the shamrock, also some one has a strong Irish accent either you or around you. Dublin is strong here, the feeling is that you will stay/visit or have a link there whichever way it is a wonderful link for you. A Blue car has a slight problem with the steering, no one gets hurt but it would be worth getting it checked to be on the safe side. For you they give you the colour White for a vehicle, this vehicle is safe and reliable so enjoy your journeys, as you should have no problems. They show a 30th/50th and 21st Birthdays to come, so looks like you have many celebrations on the way. Your month seems to be November, around this time you will feel that you have your life in control and no one can stand in your way. The names David/Gwen and Simon link around you, these three will make could friends/family members. Who wants to visit Disney as they show all the cartoon images here, everyone involved with the trip will have fun. A special child will be part of this trip, according to the vibration, this child was ill and this trip will do them the world of good. In the very near future you and your partner will start a new routine, the skies the limit here so there is nothing that you both can not achieve. The sooner you start the soon you reap the benefits, paper work will be the worst part but once they get sorted it will be plain sailing from then on.

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