Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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HERE IS A FREE READING ( A NORMAL $3 READING ) LOVE; PRINCESS of SWORDS; The Princess stands upon the mountaintop. She holds the Sword of life in her hand to protect her from the past. Message You are at the bottom of your heart looking for the answers to your unhappiness, stop looking, as the answer is not there. The way to get back on top of your feelings is to treat yourself to a night out on the town. Two hearts are trying to link together so allow someone to draw close and have some fun, the past is over the future is bright. Allow the past to fade away, what lies ahead is the answer to your dreams. Some one moves around a lot and this is where LOVE lies for you. Never say never as you have what it takes to make someone happy, you also have to be happy so do not allow anyone to take advantage of your kind nature. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAREER; PRINCESS of SWORDS; as the Princess stands on the rock allowing the wind to blow around her she focuses on the sea of life. Message As you wait for life to come to you, you may find that life is blowing in the wind pasted you. Stop and see what is going on around you and find where you want to be, as only you know what path you want to follow. What ever you decide to do the rainbow of happiness is with you, do not take it for granted that all is going to come to you on a silver platter. The hardier you work the more you get in return, the Bank balance is looking good towards the end of the year. The hardier you work the more you get taken for granted, stop and only do what is necessary and let others do their fare share of the work load for a change. You will be better thought of at the end of the day, so stop being so soft and toughen up a little. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL; FIVE of WANDS. The sign of the half way mark, as the warriors take on the enemy they come out the victor in the end. Message You have had to prove yourself most of your life, soon people will treat you with respect as they see you have a brain. Never allow anyone to stand in your way, only you know what you want out of life so always fulfil your dreams, as no one will do it for you. Taking charge is not easy for you but now is a good time to speak your mind, the road ahead is straight so go for gold and never settle for second best when the best is available. You have a four-leaf clover in your aura at the moment, either you have an Irish link or your luck is changing for the better either way you will be happy with your life. There is a small dog in your cards as well, this indicates that you will be well lead and protected for the near future. There is a special family event to come; everyone will be there even members that live across the water. You hold your feelings inside, open up and share and you find that things are not as bad as you thought. People take to you easily so get out there and live life to the full, as you go through the rest of your life you become more at ease.

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